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Emergency Aid for Gaza
More than 30 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli actions in Gaza. With your support, we are delivering food, blankets, meals and beds to Gaza, which is going through a difficult situation, as part of our emergency assistance efforts.
Flour aid
Sadakataşı continues its efforts to provide urgent aid in Gaza which is suffering from hunger and thirst. With your support, Palestinian families will be given flour to meet their daily needs.
Water Tanker
In Gaza, where Israel has destroyed infrastructure and water systems, the people urgently need clean water. With your support, we are distributing drinkable, clean water through tankers in the region.
1.5 million Gazans who have been displaced from their homes need winter assistance. With your support, we are distributing blankets in the region.
Food Package
In Gaza, where Israel has carried out massacres, we are distributing food packages with your support.
Hygiene Kit
In Gaza, where Israel has damaged infrastructure systems and cut off water and electricity, we are distributing hygiene kits with your support.
Hot Meal
With your support, we regularly distribute hot meals to thousands of Gazans displaced from their homes.
Hot Meal (1000 person)
In Gaza, where Israel has carried out massacres, we are providing meals for a thousand people with your support.
Adaq Qurban
Adaq: This is a qurban that the person pledges to sacrifice it in fard or vacib worship, even though he is not obliged, and promises for Allah.
Akika Qurban
Akika: This is a qurban that is slaughtered to thank God for the newborn child.
Shukr Qurban
Shuqr: This is a qurban that is slaughtered because of having achieved the desired goal or attaining of a blessing.
Adak, Akika and Shukr Qurbans (Türkiye)
We can distribute Qurban through your donations to the needy families that living in Türkiye.
Winter Aid
With the arrival of the winter season, we have initiated relief efforts worldwide, starting with the regions affected by the earthquake on February 6th. We launch these aid campaigns under the banner of "Let Hearts Warm with Kindness This Winter."
Turkey Education Projects
Within the scope of our domestic education aid, we distribute school bags, educational tools and stationery sets to our fellow students with your support. You can contribute to a child's education life with your help.
Religious Studies Education Set
We aim to continue our RELIGIOUS EDUCATION SET FOR EACH LANGUAGE” project in 11 countries with our supporters and make our brothers and sisters living in various parts of the world feel our love.
Wedding tables and blessed nights
You can make the needy families happy by setting up dining tables. Thanking for weddings, engagements, and the blessed nights that have been canceled due to the spread of the Corona virus around the world. The price of a meal for one person is 50 TL
Educational aid
We provide educational assistance to many children living in poor and developing countries to prepare them for the future.
Income-Generating Projects
Rıkhsa We distribute rikhsa, a local transport vehicle, for poor families to make them earn their own income in the camps, where Rohingya refugees live. Rohingya families both have jobs and sustain their livelihoods thanks to these vehicles.
General Donation
We reach those in need in 136 countries and regions on 5 continents, regardless of religion, language or race.
Cataract (General)
You can be a light for the eyes of cataract sufferers by donating to cataract surgeries.
Cataract Surgery
You can be a light for the eyes of cataract sufferers by donating to Cataract Surgery, which takes 15 minutes.
Vocational Training Project
You can support our brothers in areas where poverty prevails and where conditions are limited to opening a business by providing training in many fields such as sewing, computer, agriculture and trade.
Every good deed is charity
Health Aid
By providing medicine support to our brothers and sisters who are sick and disabled due to the events in war and crisis regions,
You can give your zakat to victims and needy people in different countries of the world.
Aid For Afghanistan
It was announced that more than 1,500 people were killed in the 5.9-magnitude earthquake that occurred in Paktika province, Afghanistan at night.
Aid for Bangladesh.
Thousands of families lost their homes in the fire that broke out in the Arakan refugee camps in Bangladesh. The region is in great need of food and housing assistance. Donate so that we can treat their wounds.
Food package
Corona virus epidemic that affected the whole world negatively affects our country as well. Within the scope of the urgent aid campaign, in coordination with the Turkish Ministry of Interior, and in coordination with our provinces and provincial offices.
Aid for Lebanon
Nearly 2 million Syrian and Palestinian refugees live in Lebanon. As a result of the government policy, they don't even officially have refugee status. Because of the same reason, they cannot work in some areas of business.
Refugee Camps
70 million people continue to live as refugees for reasons such as wars, economic problems, disasters and crises. Through your support, we have relieved them of what is important.
You can support the seasonal and sustainable projects of the oppressed in Syria with your donations
24 million people live in need of humanitarian relief and protection in Yemen, where the world's greatest humanitarian tragedy is occurring. We support people living difficult lives in the region with emergency aid.
Water wells
Sadakataşı Association provides clean water and digging wells for our brothers in needy regions, especially in Africa. Through the support and donation of donors for us.
Shared-Water Wells in Somalia
Thanks shared-water wells we drill in Soamlia, where suffering from insufficient infrastructure systems, impossibilities and drought in addition to difficulty in finding fresh water, we offer clean drinkable water to the country, which is one of the driest regions in the world.
Orphan support (1 month)
We conduct our orphan program in war zones, refugee camps and the regions where the effect of war continues. We primarily address the health and food needs of orphans in the unsafe environment of the war.
Orphans Support (General)
You can support projects for the orphans we care about.
Supporting education for orphans
We are preparing a future for orphans by providing them with the best education. You can contribute to defraying the costs of education for our children.
Orphan Dressing Up
We regularly meet the clothing needs of thousands of orphans we care for all over the world, not only on holidays. You can also support to contribute to the happiness of an orphan.
Orphan support (1 year)
We secure the needs of orphans, including food, drink, health and educational expenses.
Orphans Aid
We distribute clothes to hundreds of orphans all over the world, not to mention the Eid clothing.
They need your donations in the construction of education centers for children in countries that do not have adequate education opportunities in the world.
Hospitals and Health Centers
In developing geographical areas small diseases cause epidemics and therefore mass deaths. We extend a helping hand to our brothers by building hospitals and health centers through your support.
School, Nursery and Course
We provide education and housing services for our children by building schools and homes that we build in developing areas. You can support these projects even with a little.
The permanent projects built by the association are a way for our brothers to receive religious teachings and curricula in the countries in which they live. It is also of great importance in preventing the negative propaganda of missionary organizations against the peoples of the region. Mosques and mosques enable people to come together to solve their problems and provide a common environment to enhance their sense of brotherhood.
Educational complexes
Orphans and needy families need your donations to build living spaces in which they can meet their educational, mosque, health center and basic needs.

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